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This are accounts from the official Rockstar Selling platform: with full, unbanned Grand Theft Auto V for PC purchased on them. As well there might be purchased some other games. After purchase you will receive the login and password from Social Club as well the ability to change all the information including the email, password, name, picture, etc. The accounts are not banned, limited and don't have any restrictions as well you can play both offline and online with Steam players as well. The accounts are legally bought from other players that do not play the game anymore

1. Go to 
2. Enter the data received after purchase 
3. Go to the GAMES tab and click on the LOGIN (screenshot) 
4. In the upper right corner click on the icon, in the menu that appears, click GAME DOWNLOAD 
5. Click the DOWNLOAD FOR WINDOWS (screenshot) 
6. Install and enjoy the game! 

Product: in Stock, Same day delivery to the provided email.

Payment: You can pay both PayPal and Credit Card but at the checkout select the PayPal icon no matter of the paying option.

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